“Made in America” – Let’s talk turkey!

A question we often get asked here at Showbest “Are your fixtures made in America?”

Often the required response isn’t always “yes”. With today’s international resources, price points, and material choices – some of our customers want to know we have international sourcing capabilities for their projects. We certainly do. After 45 years in business we have built relationships with sourcing companies from around the globe to bring in the raw materials our customers are seeking for their project or fixture rollout.

But let’s talk for a minute about the customer who asks “Are your fixtures made in America?” and indeed want to hear the answer “yes”. Can we at Showbest make that statement?

Let’s look at the facts first:

The FTC laws about Made in America statements are quite clear. It is not sufficient to claim “Made in America” if only the assembly of fixtures happens in the USA. In addition, all or “the vast majority of the raw materials and component parts” must also be harvested from within the US. “Vast majority” can be an ambiguous term and a dangerous path to walk.  So let’s stick with “all.”

And why consider a Made in America retail store fixtures project?

  • They support community, local, regional, and – the national economy
  • American federal and state regulations on harmful raw materials content restriction is held to some of the highest environmental standards in the world. (E.g. CARB II stringent standards and restrictions on formaldehyde emissions)

We believe the best answer when asked “Are your fixtures Made in America” is “They can be!”

If you have a project or want fixtures that can truly claim “Made in America” you want a manufacturer that understands what that term truly means. All raw materials, all component parts, all assembly and production, all finishes, all labor – ALL of it – harvested and manufactured in the USA.

At Showbest we have multiple relationships with domestic suppliers who can provide us with American harvested wood, metal, glass, acrylic, paints, plastics and hardware that can truly support our commitment to all American materials for your fixtures. With two manufacturing plants in Virginia, we can also attest to American engineering and American assembly/production of your store fixtures. Our internal capabilities and strategic partnerships with fellow American based companies make “Made in America” projects an everyday option in our array of retail store fixture solutions. For more information on “Made in America Store Fixture Solutions” please contact info@showbest.com or call us at (804) 222 5535.>